How To Move A Mattress For Yourself

It’s typically easier and cheaper to transport a mattress on your own. Irritating someone you care about by asking for help while they’re busy might be an unfortunate reality. Moving companies might be helpful, but their services are costly. This is why most people choose to transport their mattresses. Only some people can pick up and haul a mattress, but that usually isn’t an issue either. You can only move a mattress by yourself by first knowing how heavy it is and how physically fit you are. Typically, a mattress may weigh anything from 40 to 180 kg. The weight of your memory foam mattress depends on its dimensions and construction. If you have a bad back, trouble moving about, or severe joint problems, you shouldn’t attempt to force a mattress by yourself. A mattress is heavy, so if you have to carry it alone, take your time.

Mattress Prep

The first step is removing all the sheets and coverings from the mattress. As long as your mattress is new, you shouldn’t have any issues. Fill a sturdy garbage bag, vacuum-seal bag, or moving box with your bedding. When finished, cover the mattress with a plastic mattress protector. This cover protects the mattress from dust, mites, spills, and stains. If you must travel during inclement weather, you must protect your possessions by wrapping them in plastic. After wrapping your mattress in plastic, the next step is to put it in a mattress bag.

Path Clearance

Once you have your mattress packed and ready to go, you can start planning your trip. When moving your mattress, there should be no places for you to trip and fall. Another consideration is finding the quickest possible path between points A and B. Leave your vehicle or moving van in a handy spot. Seats must be lowered down, and the trunk or passenger door opened. Everything will go more quickly if you plan your route and load the vehicle ahead of time.

All The Hard Work

Remember that lifting is an essential part of the procedure! Lifting a mattress, no matter how light, may result in significant injury. Raising using your legs will save your back from being strained. Those with knee or hip issues might consider utilizing a brace while relocating a mattress to prevent further damage. To move a mattress, you must go down on all fours with your shins parallel to the floor. Put both hands firmly on your bed. Extend your legs so you may stand up straight while still clutching to the bed. Removing the mattress is a must if you are in excruciating agony.

To Automobile Or Room

It’s not a good idea to cram a mattress and several other heavy goods into the trunk of your car. Moving your mattress inside the same building might seem less of a headache than moving it to a new one. However, moving a mattress up or down a flight of steps might be difficult. If transporting your mattress includes driving, consider hiring help. Mattress relocation might be a hassle for those going to their new home. Because of how bulky mattresses are, you’ll likely have to travel some distance to the vehicle. Please take the time to measure your car carefully before trying to transfer a mattress to the back or on the roof.